We believe confidence, caution, consistency, and care should be practiced in every aspect of animal management. When these tenets are applied in life you can create a relationship that is inspirational. The objective of our alternative boarding and training is to provide a safe, competent, affordable, loving option to families with four-legged members for the improvement of the canine-human relationship.

We strive to include all dogs in a normal family-oriented environment during training, preparing them for success in their lives as furry family members.

Keeping this in mind, we offer the following training options:

Boarded training

Private in home lessons

Group lessons

Online training


Common Training Programs

The following are commonly requested programs which can be taught in any training format above. We are also happy to accommodate unique circumstances which require hybridization of training formats.

Beginner training

Intermediate training

Puppy training

Agility Classes

Therapy dog training

Service Dog training

For more information on preparing to get a service dog, please go here.

Remedial or Special Needs training:

While we specialize in fearful and fearful agressive dogs, we also have extensive experience in training dogs with “problems”, remedial issues, and hearing and vision impaired dogs. Consult with us privately about specifics.